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BTS' Jin Comments on His Impending Mandatory Military Service

  • 20 Nov, 2020

Jin opened up about his upcoming military enlistment. 

During the global press conference for BTS' album 'BE,' the members sat down for an interview with media outlets. Among the questions, Jin was asked about his military enlistment plan. 

About the matter, Jin, the oldest member of BTS, answered, "As a male citizen of the Republic of Korea, mandatory enlistment is a given, and when the country calls, we will gladly respond. I am planning to serve diligently when the time comes." He continued, "The members and I have discussed this topic a lot and we all agreed that we want to serve our mandatory military service duties."

Meanwhile, in case you missed the release of BTS' MV for 'Life Goes on,' you can check it out below. 

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Memory Book

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