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Park Bogum Doppelganger Min Seo Sends a Video Message to the Actor Who's Currently Completing Mandatory Military Service, Netizens React

  •  7 Dec, 2020

Min Seo sent his greeting to Park Bogum.

On December 6th, Min Seo, who is famous as a doppelganger of Park Bogum, shared a new video on his Youtube channel. In the video, he sent a video message to Park Bogum who is currently serving at the camp. 

Image Source: Instiz

He first began revealing that he is a "loyal fan" of Park Bogum. He said that the reason for him sending a video message to Park Bogum is to personally send his gratitude towards the actor. He said, "One male friend of my older sister's is on the same team with Park Bogum at the camp. He asked Park Bogum about me and he said that he is thankful. I am so touched with his words." 

Image Source: Youtube '민서공이' Screenshot

Min Seo said, "Thank you. I watched all episodes of 'Record of Youth' that featured him. The weather is getting cold and I hope that he lives well at the camp. I will meet you again in January 2022. I wish I could see you on TV." 

Image Source: Youtube '민서공이' Screenshot

He continued, "It's true that I follow his fashion sense. I am sorry if you feel offended about it. I think I follow you because you are so handsome and so popular." Min Seo then revealed that the long padding he wore in the video is the same as the one Park Bogum had worn on 'Hyori's Homestay.'

While Min Seo might have just simply wanted to send his words to Park Bogum, he has once again received hatred from Netizens. Several comments in the comment section read, "You are not a loyal fan but a sasaeng," "I'm now sick of him," "It seems like he just uses Park Bogum to gain views," and more. What are your thoughts about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Min Seo has become famous for his resemblance to actor Park Bogum. However, not a few people have constantly attacked him for "overrating" his look and trying to garner popularity by "using" Park Bogum.

Watch the video below to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] 민서공이

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube '민서공이' Screenshot, tvN

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