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Big Hit Releases Official Statement Regarding the Collective COVID-19 Infection at Their New Company Building Construction Site

  • 17 Dec, 2020

Big Hit Entertainment has responded to the recent unfortunate news.

According to reports,  a mass COVID-19 infection occurred at the construction site of Big Hit Entertainment's new building construction site at the Yongsan Trade Center in Yongsan. The mass infection started when the first case confirmed on December 12th. Up to date, a total of 62 people have tested positive for the virus. 

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Regarding this, Big Hit Entertainment has now responded to update fans and the public about their future construction plans. The agency revealed, "We have recently informed by the Central Disease Control Headquarters that a collective infection occurred at the construction site of Yongsan Trade Center in Yongsan."

They went on, "We have identified all employees who visited the construction site until the 13th and started pre-emptive COVID-19 testing," and added, "We gave detailed operation manuals to the building contractors and were operating in compliance with the relevant regulations. We are currently working with the quarantine authorities to investigate the route of infection and will cooperate as much as we can."

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