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BTS' RM Surprised Fans with His Latest TOEIC Score He Took "for Fun"

  • 20 Jan

RM is good at English. Like, seriously. 

On January 19th, RM went on 'V LIVE' to catch up with ARMYs. As usual, he talked about various things with fans and answered several questions sent to him. One fan asked RM to reveal his latest TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) score. 

To this, RM humbly revealed, "I got 900 something, I think I got 915." He continued, "It's been a while since I took the test so I can't really remember it." RM explained that he did very poorly on the reading part but did well in the hearing part. He explained, "I completely failed in the reading part. I think my weakness is the text part (reading) because I don't use it often. People think if I read English, I can quickly change it to Korean, but actually, my mind becomes blank when I read English articles." He added that he actually feels a bit disappointed because he "didn't do well" on the test but said that he feels like he doesn't want to take the test again.

However, fans were shocked because 915 is actually a pretty much great score since the maximum score for the test is 990. In South Korea itself, the average TOEIC score ranges around 750.

In case you missed RM's live broadcast, you can watch the replay below.

Source: [V LIVE] BTS

Thumbnail Credit: Big Hit Entertainment, Weverse

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