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ARMYs are Surprised to See BTS Members Use the Same Rice Cooker from 7 Years Ago in Spite of Their Big Success

  • 21 Jan

They stay humble.

On the 125th episode of 'Run BTS' that was released on January 19th, fans found one exciting "discovery" of BTS. In the episode, together with star chef Baek Jongwon, the members promote Korean pork, preparing dishes using "k-ham" (canned pork).

While doing so, eagled fans saw a familiar rice cooker in their kitchen.

Image Source: V LIVE

It turned out that the rice cooker is the one we saw at BTS' old dorm. 

Image Source: Youtube 'BANGTANTV' Screenshot

A lot of fans have been surprised at how the boys actually still use the modest rice cooker after years, after they made more money thanks to their hard work.

Several comments on the web read, "They have used it for 7 years," "They can buy better rice cooker but they stay humble with the old one," "Maybe they don't want to buy a new one because that rice cooker has a lot of memories," and more.

In case you missed the episode, you can watch the replay below.

Source: [V LIVE] BTS

Thumbnail Credit: V LIVE 'BTS,' The Qoo

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