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10x Entertainment Updates on Legal Action for Kim Woojin Against Spread of Fake Rumors, Fake Nude Photos, and Personal Information

  •  2 Feb

Kim Woojin still faces false rumors, malicious comments, and more.

On February 1st, the singer's agency 10x Entertainment took to social media and updated fans about the ongoing legal action for Kim Woojin. They revealed, "We identified a criminal who spread fake sexual harassment rumors against our artist Kim Woojin. We are taking strong legal action against false facts that are still online now."

Image Source: Instagram '@10x.ent'

They continued, "The rumors about Kim Woojin have been confirmed to be false, and we will take strong actions against the continued spread of false information. We appreciate the fans who helped me collect information."

It's said that there were additional malicious fans who fabricated nude photos of Kim Woojin and spread them online as if they were real.

Image Source: Instagram '@10x.ent'

The agency revealed, "A lawyer was appointed to investigate the spread of rumors and filed a complaint with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on charges of defamation and insult in September of 2020. There was progress in the investigation in the meantime. We plan to respond more decisively, hoping that misunderstandings about Kim Woojin will not spread anymore."

Image Source: Instagram '@woooojin0408'

Stay tuned for updates.

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@10x.ent'

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