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Lee Sunbin Answers Questions Why She would NOT Promote New Movie 'Mission Possible' on 'Running Man'

  •  9 Feb

Lee Sunbin chooses not to appear on 'Running Man.'

On February 9th, the actress sat down for an exclusive interview to promote her upcoming movie 'Mission Possible,' in which she's paired with Kim Youngkwang. During the interview, Lee Sunbin was asked whether she would promote her new movie on 'Running Man,' where her boyfriend Lee Kwangsoo is a cast member.

Image Source: HanCinema

To this, Lee Sunbin responded, "I'm too shy." She then explained, "I was considering (about appearing on 'Running Man') for the sake of the movie promotions but I think I will not be able to do it."

Image Source: The Qoo

Later in the interview, Lee Sunbin also revealed how boyfriend Lee Kwangsoo gives full support for the project. She said, "I think he supports me much for this movie." 

As you might have known, Lee Sunbin and Lee Kwangsoo first met on 'Running Man' back in 2018. At that time, Lee Sunbin came as a guest and revealed that Lee Kwangsoo is her ideal type. The two confirmed their relationship later that year.

Image Source: SBS

Meanwhile, 'Mission Possible' is set to premiere on February 17th.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, SBS

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