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Han Seohee Sits down for an Honest Interview in Her New Youtube Content

  • 17 Feb

She talked more about receiving hate, what people think about her, and more.

On February 16th, Han Seohee released the first episode of her series 'Han Seohee' on her new Youtube channel 'Seohee'chopath.' In the 5-minute length video, Han Seohee opened up about her story—about how people are constantly flooding her with hate.

After introducing herself, Han Seohee revealed her thoughts on why she has such an evil reputation. She said, "Because, for the most part, people don't view me in a positive way. My reputation is not that good, too."

Image Source: Youtube '서히코패스' Screenshot

About his reputation, Han Seohee shared, "It's bad. When normal civilians view me, it's bad. They only see me through the headlines and the headlines are irritating. You know, headlines are written in an aggressive way. Maybe drugs? Lesbian? Honestly, besides the younger generation, people might not know me since all my headlines were related to celebrities somehow. They probably think I’m flighty or that I'm a crazy b**ch, or a psycho."

Image Source: Youtube '서히코패스' Screenshot

She then talked about being the center of attention. She said, "Actually, at first, I was happy. It strangely made me happy. I am not a celebrity so I think it's normal for me to feel that way. However, after two or three years, I got tired. It was frustrating to see my name become a hot topic among people."

Han Seohee also talked about having no dreams. She explained, "That's one of my current life struggles. I have never had any dreams. I need to have some type of interest if I want to start something or so that I can study for it or practice it, but I don't have any desires at all." When asked about singing, she said that she thinks she is too old to be a singer now. She added, "My image has already been crafted by the public, too. They know me too well so honestly, I think being a singer is impossible at this point."

Watch the full interview below!

Source: [Youtube] 서히코패스

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@hxxsxxhee,' Youtube '서히코패스' Screenshot

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