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Former Classmate Writes about Red Velvet's Seulgi, Reveals What Kind of Student She was Back in the School Days

  • 25 Feb

He shared what Seulgi looked like back then.

On February 24th, one Netizen shared a post with the title "I and Red Velvet's Seulgi are Alumni of the Same School." In light of the ongoing bullying controversies involving various Korean celebrities, fans had first thought that he would have dragged Seulgi down with a negative story. However, it seems like it's not the case—fortunately.

The alumni revealed that he went to the intensive class in their junior high school together. He said, "She once sat right in front of me. Once, rumors about her spread all over the school after she had passed SM Entertainment's audition."

Image Source: Instiz

He went on, "I was not close with her but she was really the perfect example of a role-model student. She was pretty and kind. I remember that during the school festival, she sang and danced on the stage by herself. When I went to the military, I heard that she debuted with Red Velvet and I really hoped that things would go smooth for her. I actually did not expect her to be successful like now. Anyway, she was really a role-model student and was so kind. I wrote this just because, these days, school bullying accusations have been exposed often."

The post has now been viewed by more than 140 thousand times and got over 260 comments from Netizens.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Instiz

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