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Then and Now: 7 K-Drama Actors' First and Most Recent Roles

  • 22 Mar

Every actor has to get their start somewhere, so let's take a look at some popular K-drama actors' first roles compared to their most recent work!

Cha Eunwoo

Image Source: CJ Entertainment, tvN

Cha Eunwoo's first role was a small cameo in the 2014 film 'My Brilliant Life,' where he played a younger and healthy version of the character Ahreum. Along with being a member of the group ASTRO since 2016, he most recently starred as Lee Suho in the 2020-2021 drama 'True Beauty.'.

Kim Soohyun

Image Source: MBC, tvN

In 2007, Kim Soohyun made his acting debut as a supporting cast member in the sitcom 'Kimchi Cheese Smile.' He has since gone on to star in some very successful dramas and films, most recently playing Moon Gangtae in the 2020 drama 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay.' He will also be starring in the upcoming drama 'That Night.'

Lee Jongsuk

Image Source: Hanseo University, tvN

Lee Jongsuk's first acting appearance was in the 2005 short film 'Sympathy,' where he played Lee Hansol. Along with a cameo appearance in the 2021 film 'The Witch: Part 2,' his most recent role was as Cha Eunho in the 2019 drama 'Romance is a Bonus Book.' He will also be starring as Park Chanho in the upcoming drama 'Big Mouth.'

Lee Minho

Image Source: KBS2, SBS

In 2003, Lee Minho landed his first minor role as an unnamed art student in the show 'Sharp.' In 2020, he starred as Emperor Lee Gon in the hit drama 'The King: Eternal Monarch,' and then as Hansu in the AppleTV web series 'Pachinko' in 2021.

Na Inwoo

Image Source: MBC, KBS2

Na Inwoo made his acting debut in 2015 as Sewon in the drama 'Shine or Go Crazy.' He then received his first main role as On Dal in the 2021 drama 'River Where the Moon Rises,' replacing actor Jisoo amidst his bullying allegations. Na Inwoo will also be starring in the upcoming drama 'Blue Spring From A Distance' and the film 'Her Bucket List.'

Park Bogum

Image Source: Next Entertainment World, tvN

Park Bogum's first role was as Min Donghyun in the 2011 film 'Blind.' He has gone on to star in many successful dramas such as 'Reply 1988' and 'Itaewon Class,' his most recent role being Sa Hyejoon in the 2020 drama 'Record of Youth' and as Seo Bok in the film of the same name. 

Park Seojoon

Image Source: TS Entertainment, tvN

Park Seojoon's first role was actually in the music video for 'I Remember' by Bang Youngguk in 2011. He has starred in many more music videos, films, and dramas since then, including the award-winning movie 'Parasite.' His most recent role was a special cameo appearance as Song Minsoo in the 2020 drama 'Record of Youth.' Park Seojoon is currently working on his drama 'Concrete Utopia.'

Thumbnail Source: KBS2, ZIOZIA

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