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5 K-Pop Groups with Extensive Lineup Changes

  • 30 Mar

Most K-pop groups' lineups have gone through a slight change over the course of their activities, but these 5 groups have had their fair share of members being added and subtracted.


Image Source: Golden Goose Entertainment

Apeace originally debuted in 2010 under the name Double B 21 before changing to A-peace and then, finally, removing the dash and going by Apeace. After many departures, replacements, and hiatuses during their career, the group currently has 10 active members, 2 members on hiatus, and 15 former members. The group also changed subunits very frequently as members left the group.


Image Source: DR Entertainment

This group debuted as RaNia in 2011 before changing their name to RaNia BP, then back to RaNia, and later to BLACKSWAN. The group initially debuted with 8 members and currently has 4, none of which are from the original lineup. Over the course of the group's career, there has been a total of 13 additions and 17 departures.


Image Source: Star Pro Entertainment

HINT debuted with 7 members under the name 'TURAN' in 2013. Shortly after debut, 5 of the members left and were replaced by 4 new girls. The group then changed its name to HINT in 2017 amidst a new lineup. The group currently has 5 active and 10 former members.


Image Source: DSP Media

KARA debuted in 2007 as a 4-member group. The following year, the group created their second lineup with 2 original and 3 new members, followed by a third lineup in 2014 with 1 new member and 2 former members departing. At the time of their disbandment in 2016, KARA had both added and lost 3 separate members.

Nine Muses

Image Source: The Qoo

True to their name, Nine Muses debut as a 9-member girl group in 2010. Only 1 original member remained with the group until its disbandment in 2019 when the group was only comprised of 4 girls. In total, Nine Muses had 10 members leave during the group's active years.

Thumbnail Source: DR Entertainment, Star Empire Entertainment

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