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11 Korean Celebrities Who have Lived Through Traumatic Experiences

  •  2 Apr

Korean idols and actors have to be very tough in order to meet their hectic schedules, but some have gone through much harder experiences.

These celebrities have proven that they are unbelievably strong, going through extremely traumatic accidents but making it through to tell their story.

Dal Shabet's Subin

Image Source: The Qoo

Dal Shabet's performance of 'Bling Bling' at Bugok Hawaii Summer Festival in 2011 proved to be very traumatic for Subin. While performing, the stage collapsed under Subin's feet and caused her to fall. While she fell, she hit her face on a firework outlet and experienced severe cuts to her lips and mouth. She was rushed to the hospital and received 16 stitches in her face and mouth.

Jung Ilwoo

Image Source: J1 International

In 2006, actor Jung Ilwoo was on his way to a short vacation in the Gangwan province of South Korea when he was in a very serious accident. A driver coming in the opposite direction, who was already fleeing from a hit-and-run, crashed directly into the car in which Ilwoo was a passenger.

Ilwoo suffered from a concussion, cerebral hemorrhage, and partial memory loss in addition to a broken wrist and cracked pelvic bone. He stayed in the hospital for almost a year and has had to deal with the after-effects ever since, including receiving wrist surgery and being diagnosed with an aneurism in 2016.

Lee Minho

Image Source: MYM Entertainment

Lee Minho was riding in the same car as Jung Ilwoo and suffered even worse injuries. He was in a coma for a month after the accident, followed by several months of being bedridden. He was also treated for torn cartilage in his knee and breaks in his ribs, thigh, and ankle. Jung Ilwoo and Lee Minho were the only 2 people that survived the accident.

Ladies' Code

Image Source: Polaris Entertainment

On September 3rd, 2014, the members of Ladies' Code were involved in a fatal car accident after the van they were riding in lost control due to heavy rains and crashed into a road barrier. Member EunB passed away at the scene of the crash, while member RiSe received 9 hours of surgery upon arriving at the hospital but remained in a coma and tragically passed away 4 days later. 

Members Ashley and Zuny only sustained minor injuries while Sojung, whose birthday was the day of the accident, received surgery for her jawbone before returning to the dormitory with her fellow members. The 3 girls went on to have a few comebacks and dedicated several songs and concerts to their late members.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Super Junior was involved in a car accident in 2007, their van flipping over on the highway, and member Kyuhyun suffered the worst injuries. Kyuhyun was thrown from the vehicle and the momentum dragged him along the highway. He suffered severely broken ribs and hip bones, with his ribs puncturing his lungs.

Kyuhyun was only given a 20% chance of survival, but his dad fought for him to be treated without any harm to his throat so that he could continue to sing. The doctors inserted a tube into Kyuhyun's side to allow him to breathe better, and he miraculously recovered after spending 78 days in the hospital, 4 of which were in a coma.

TVXQ's Yunho

Image Source: SM Entertainment

In 2006, TVXQ's Yunho was given an orange juice by someone who he assumed was a staff member. The woman, however, was an anti-fan of TVXQ who had somehow snuck into the filming set. After drinking the orange juice, Yunho realized that the drink had an odd scent to it. He soon began to vomit blood and collapsed, later learning that the anti-fan had put strong superglue in the juice. 

Yunho suffered stomach and throat injuries from the incident and developed an anxiety disorder that made it extremely difficult for him to talk to people, even making him consider leaving the entertainment industry altogether. Yunho luckily received treatment for his anxiety and was also able to get over his fear of orange juice by forcing himself to drink it continuously.

BTS' Suga

Image Source: HYBE Labels

Suga has gone through multiple injuries and surgeries throughout his career. In 2013, he was diagnosed with appendicitis and had to receive surgery. He then had to return to the hospital later due to inflammation in the surgical area. He also took a week-long break from activities with BTS in 2016 due to an ear injury and had to receive surgery for a torn labrum in his shoulder in 2020.


Image Source: YG Entertainment

GDragon and T.O.P have both spoken about their struggles with anxiety and depression. GDragon suffered serious depression due to plagiarism accusations from his 'Heartbreaker' release, and T.O.P dealt with anxiety attacks and depression in 2008, which fans feel was from his being extremely over-worked.

Bae Suzy

Image Source: SUZYHOME

Former Miss A member, soloist, and actress Bae Suzy joined the entertainment industry at a very young age, which caused her to treated poorly and develop depression. She wasn't sure if she would be able to remain in the spotlight, as all of the expectations placed on her were extremely overbearing and the lack of respect she received from older colleagues.


Image Source: Kakao M

IU also debuted when she was very young and has struggled with depression as a result. She struggled with never feeling that she was good enough and experiencing insomnia. Since turning 25, she has begun to work on loving herself and getting to know herself better.

These celebrities are so brave to have gone through such terrible experiences, and we wish them the best going forward. May EunB and RiSe rest in peace.

Thumbnail Credit: tvN, SM Entertainment

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