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5 Unforgettable K-Pop Encore Stages

  •  5 Apr

Some music shows allow K-pop idols to have a celebratory performance after their song wins, and these 5 artists made sure to give fans something they'd never forget.


BTS had a ton of props ready for their 'Music Bank' win. They performed their winning song 'Idol' with enough instruments to create a marching band and had a lot of fun twirling their hat around.

Girls' Generation

When Girls' Generation won with their song 'Lion Heart,' they were quick to bring out a huge lion head that Tiffany happily put on and danced in, much to the delight of her fellow members and the audience.


INFINITE members Sunggyu and Dongwoo announced their own group's win as hosts and then joined in to see L dress up in a caterpillar costume. The members couldn't contain their laughter, especially when L took a tumble and spent a good amount of time on the ground.


PSY's 'Inkigayo' win brought the whole stage together as all of the different groups celebrated for him and joined in on the choreography. Everyone was clearly having a great time and the crowd went wild.


TWICE kept a promise to their fans when they won with 'Dance the Night Away' by singing their encore stage with ice cubes in their mouths. Nayeon's face became quite the meme afterward, and fans loved how the girls fulfilled their promise to them.

Source: [Youtube] KBS Kpop, M2, SBS KPOP

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