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5 of the Tallest K-Pop Boy Groups in the Industry

  •  8 Apr

Being tall is pretty sought after in the K-pop industry, and these 5 boy groups stand out as some of the tallest when considering the average height of the members.


Image Source: 220 Entertainment

It's safe to say that KNK is the tallest boy group, with the members having an average height of 186 cm (6' 1"). The tallest member is Seoham at 192 cm (6' 3") and Heejun is the shortest at 180 cm (5' 11").


Image Source: FNC Entertainment

The SF9 members have an average height of 182 cm (6'). The tallest member is Rowoon at 191 cm (6' 3") and the shortest member is Chani, whose height is 177 cm (5' 10").


Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

VIXX also has an average height of 182 cm (6'), with the maknae Hyuk being the tallest at 185 cm (6' 1") and leader N being the shortest at 180 cm (5' 11").


Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

TXT's average height is just slightly less at 181 cm (5' 11"). Soobin is the tallest member at 185 cm (6' 1") and Taehyun is the shortest at 177 cm (5' 10").


Image Source: YG Entertainment

In addition to TXT, the members of WINNER also have an average height of 181 cm (5' 11"). Hoony's height is 185 cm (6' 1") and Jinu's is 177 cm (5' 10"), making them the tallest and shortest members, respectively.

Thumbnail Source: Big Hit Entertainment, The Qoo

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