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K-Pop Idols Who Disliked Their Own Groups' Choreography

  • 14 Apr

K-pop idols don't always feel comfortable with the choreography for their promotions, but you'd never know based on how well they always perform.

These 7 K-pop groups disliked their choreography for various reasons!

B.A.P 'Body & Soul'

The members of B.A.P did not feel comfortable doing the sexual parts of the choreography for 'Body & Soul,' which is very understandable. Once settling a lawsuit with their company, the inappropriate parts of the dance were changed to simpler moves that did not take place on the ground.

EXO 'Lucky One'

EXO members admitted that they hated the choreography for 'Lucky One' during an interview with JTBC. They explained that the dance caused them physical pain while performing, and they mainly only performed the dance for their comeback stages. During concerts, the boys usually do their own thing rather than the choreography.

Nine Muses 'No Playboy'

Former Nine Muses member Sera reacted to the group's debut song on her Youtube channel and explained that 'No Playboy' was a difficult song for them to promote. The sexual costumes and dance moves were very distressing for the members, especially the youngest who were still just teenagers. Sera said that seeing the younger members cry because of the concept caused her to cry, and her disapproval of the dance made her lose her position as leader of the group.

Red Velvet 'Rookie'

Irene has discussed her dislike for Red Velvet's 'Rookie' song and choreography because of its childish nature, which makes sense given that she's 30! Yeri also shared that she dislikes the choreography, but she felt that way because she had a hard time catching her breath to sing while performing the dance and it even made her feel like she was going to throw up.

Super Junior 'Spy'

Super Junior's 2012 song 'Spy' still seems to haunt them, and they aren't shy to show their dislike for the song when it plays. The choreography includes a lot of formation changes and is extremely difficult to perform with any missing members, which doesn't work well with how many members and separate schedules Super Junior has.

U-KISS 'Quit Playing'

The mature concept of U-KISS' 'Quit Playing' comeback drew in mixed reviews from fans, and group member Kevin was one who was completely against it. He took to Twitter to apologize to his fans for the risque concept and assured them that he did not agree with the dance moves or music video scenes. The original choreography had to be watered-down to perform on music shows, but Kevin still felt that it was extremely inappropriate.

Wonder Girls 'Tell Me'

The members of Wonder Girls were extremely unhappy to have 'Tell Me' as their debut song, strongly disliking the retro song, styling, and choreography. Since the retro concept was from a time that the girls weren't alive, they couldn't connect to the dance moves or style of singing. The members even begged JYP to let them have a different debut song, but it ended up all working out in the end.

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