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Former K-Pop Idols Who Share Their Stories on Youtube

  • 16 Apr

K-pop idols all follow their own paths once their groups disband, and these artists decided to share their unique experiences on Youtube.

For some insider information on the K-pop industry, check out these 5 former idols on Youtube.


Christine is a former member of the girl group Blady and went by the name Tina during promotions. She joined the group in 2013, 2 years after its debut, and remained a member until Blady disbanded in 2017. She now has a Youtube channel called 'soobeanie_' where she shares all types of behind-the-scenes secrets and stories about her time in the K-pop industry.


As half of the duo CoCoSoRi, debuting in 2016 and disbanding in 2019, Coco now runs her own Youtube channel called 'rilaccoco.' She features lots of other K-pop idols and trainees in her videos and gives viewers a great idea of the real idol experience.


Grace debuted as a solo rapper in 2016 and competed on the third season of the show 'Unpretty Rapstar' that same year. She now produces her own music and runs 2 Youtube channels: 'GRAZY GRACE,' where she talks about her K-pop experiences as well as beauty and pop culture events, and GRAZY TV,' where she talks about scary stories of South Korea.

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee is a former member of HIGHTEEN and also competed on the show 'Idol School' in 2017. After being eliminated from 'Idol School,' Jessica moved back to the Philippines, where she had spent time growing up, and opened up her self-titled Youtube channel. She shares videos of her experiences as a K-pop idol and contestant as well as her new lifestyle and interests.


Way is a former member of the extremely popular group Crayon Pop who rose to fame with their song 'Bar Bar Bar' in 2014. She now has her own Youtube channel called 'WayLand' where she shares her stories about all aspects of the K-pop world, from funny topics to serious issues.

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