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10 K-Dramas That have Been Remade in Other Countries

  • 21 Apr

Korean dramas are popular all over the world, and a lot of countries even air their own remakes of hit shows.

Here are 10 K-dramas that have been remade in multiple other countries.

All About Eve

Image Source: MBC

The drama 'All About Eve' aired in 2000 and followed 2 young TV news anchors on their quest to the top position at their network. The drama was remade under the same name in the Philippines in 2009 and in China as 'Fall in Love With Anchor Beauty' in 2010.

Autumn in My Heart

Image Source: KBS

This drama also aired in 2000 and was part of a 4-series collection called 'Endless Love.' 'Autumn in My Heart' tells the story of 2 girls who were switched at birth and the many experiences they go through after being reunited with their birth families. The drama has been remade in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and China as both a drama and webtoon.

Descendants of the Sun

Image Source: The Qoo

The drama 'Descendants of the Sun' was released in 2016 and quickly became a huge hit all across Asia. The drama was later remade in China under the same name in 2017, Vietnam as 'Hậu duệ mặt trời' in 2018, and the Philippines under the original title in 2020. 

Good Doctor

Image Source: Logos Film

'Good Doctor' follows the story of an autistic doctor with savant syndrome, a rare condition where someone with autism has incredible skills in a certain subject. The drama aired in 2013 and received great ratings and many awards, leading to several remakes being aired in other countries. America and Japan released their remakes with the same title in 2017 and 2018, respectively, and Turkey aired its remake 'Mucize Doktor' in 2019.

I'm Sorry, I Love You

Image Source: KBS

The 2004 drama 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' is about a con artist's many hardships through finding his birth family and falling in love. The drama was remade in Turkey as 'Bir Ask Hikayesi' in 2013, China as a movie called 'Sorry, I Love You' in 2014, Thailand as 'Sorry, I Love You' in 2016, and Japan as 'Gomen, Aishiteru' in 2017.

My Love from the Star

Image Source: SBS

Airing from 2013 to 2014, 'My Love from the Star' follows an alien who has been on Earth since 1609 and the unlikely relationship he forms with a popular actress. The drama was remade in China in 2014, 2016, 2017 with a sequel in 2018, and 2019. The drama was also remade in the Philippines and Thailand in 2017 and again in Thailand in 2019.


Image Source: tvN

'Signal' is a series about a modern-day cold case profiler who is able to solve crimes by talking to a detective from 1989 through a walkie-talkie. The drama received lots of praise for including real-life cases in the plot and won a handful of awards. The drama was then remade in Japan as 'Signal: Choki Mikaiketsu Jiken Sosahan' in 2018 and in China as 'Unknown Number' in 2019.

Stairway to Heaven

Image Source: SBS

'Stairway to Heaven aired from 2003 to 2004 and was the second installment of the 'Heaven Trilogy.' The series follows a dramatic love story with lots of twists and turns and was remade in the Philippines in 2009, Indonesia in 2011, and both Russia and Cambodia in 2016.


Image Source: OCN

'Voice' has been airing since 2017 and will be releasing its fourth season in summer 2021. The show follows 2 emergency call center employees who team up to solve cases based on sounds they hear during the calls. 2019 saw the release of 2 remakes, in Japan as 'Voice: 110 Emergency Control Room' and in Thailand simply as 'Voice.'

Winter Sonata

Image Source: KBS

'Winter Sonata' was another part of the 'Endless Love' quartet along with 'Autumn in My Heart' and follows a man who suffered amnesia as a child and reunites with people from his past. The drama was remade as a stage musical as well as a Japanese comic in 2004 and an anime in 2009. It was also remade in China as 'Opposite Houses and Faces' and in 2012 in Indonesia as 'Moy I Love You.'

Thumbnail Credit: SDS, tvN, KBS

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