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5 Male K-Pop Group That will Have Their First Member(s) Enlisting in the Military Next Year

  •  4 May

They will need to start their mandatory military service by 2022.

Military enlistment is not something new for K-pop fans. However, although it's a definite process for every Korean man who is physically and mentally healthy to enlist in the military, it's still hard for fans to accept the fact that they need to be separated with their bias for a while. Fans of these 5 groups, too, will need to bid goodbye with one or two of the members for the first time, since they will start their military service next year. 

Check out who they are below!

NCT — Taeil (born on June 14th, 1994)

Image Source: SM Entertainment

ASTRO — MJ (born on March 5th, 1994)

Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment

VICTON — Seungwoo (born on December 24th, 1994)

Image Source: Play M Entertainment

ONF — Hyojin (born on April 22nd, 1994) and E-Tion (born on December 24th, 1994)

Image Source: WM Entertainment

iKON — Jinhwan (born on February 7th, 1994)

Image Source: YG Entertainment


Well, it seems it's better for us to prepare our hearts as early as possible.

Thumbnail Credit: YG Entertainment, @NCT_OFFICIAL_JP

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