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Lee Dain's Agency 9ato Entertainment Officially Confirmed the Actress' Relationship with Lee Seunggi

  • 24 May

It has now been confirmed!

Lee Dain's agency 9ato Entertainment has finally released an official statement regarding the actress' relationship with Lee Seunggi. The agency wrote, "After checking (facts) with actress Lee Dain herself, they met as a senior and junior. The two have been carefully getting to know each other with good feelings since five to six months ago."

The agency also wrote, "Please show warm interest and support for the two to continue their good relationship."

Meanwhile, as previously reported, Lee Seunggi will leave his current agency Hook Entertainment on May 31st, as his contract comes to an end. It's reported that Lee Seunggi will build a one man agency in near future. 

Congratulations to the couple!

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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