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Lee Seunggi Shares Opinions about What If His Girlfriend Hangs out with Another Man

  • 23 Jun

Lee Seunggi doesn't really care if his girlfriend hangs out with another man.

It was from a past episode of SBS' 'Master in the House.' During the episode, the cast members talked about whether it's okay for them if their girlfriends go for a drink with another male friend. Unlike the other members, Lee Seunggi revealed that he thinks it's okay for his girlfriend to have a meal and drink with her male friend. 

Image Source: SBS

The actor explained the reason, "It's all about the trust. If you really trust her, you will let her have a meal or a drink with her male friend." 

Image Source: SBS

Hearing him, Yang Sehyung "attacked" him with questions, "Are you saying that you are really okay? Imagine you see your girlfriend with a male friend. Only two of them. Your girlfriend wears a dress and the guy wears a tux. Are you okay too with that? If you are okay, then I will admit it." Lee Seunggi then burst into laughter.

Image Source: SBS

Lee Seunggi added, "I also used to think that I could not let my girlfriend meet her male friend. However, I realized that there are times I need to meet my female friend but there is no one I can ask to accompany me to meet my female friend."

Thumbnail Credit: SBS, The Qoo

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