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Netizens Make New Speculation for 'Penthouse 3' Based on Theories

  • 23 Jun

More theories for the drama are circulating.

If you are keeping up with 'The Penthouse: War in Life' (hereafter, 'Penthouse'), you must know how a lot of things have happened in the drama. Plot twists over plot twists have made viewers cannot miss any episode of 'Penthouse.'

Recently, one popular speculation about the drama has been made. It's about Joo Seokhoon (played by Kim Youngdae) and Shim Suryeon (played by Lee Jiah). According to the drama so far, Joo Seokhoon is the son of Joo Dantae (played by Uhm Kijoon) and is the stepson of Shim Suryeon. However, a lot of Netizens have now believed that he might be Shim Suryeon's real son.

The speculation sparked after knowing how Joo Seokhoon's personality is completely different from his twin sister Joo Seokkyung (played by Han Jihyun). 

Image Source: SBS

On top of that, Joo Seokhoon is good at piano. Viewers have related this to Shim Suryeon's late husband, who also played piano well. They believe that Joo Seokhoon actually got the talent from his father.

Image Source: SBS

It might be too early to make any conclusion for the two's real connection, but learning from the previous episodes of 'Penthouse,' nothing is actually impossible to happen in the drama.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, SBS

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