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Hyeri Says Boyfriend Ryu Junyeol Monitored Every Episode of Her Recently Ended Drama 'My Roommate is a Gumiho'

  • 16 Jul

Ryu Junyeol watched every episode of the drama.

Hyeri has recently sat down for an exclusive interview to mark the end of tvN drama 'My Roommate is a Gumiho.' During the interview, the idol turned actress first remarked about his character Lee Dam. She said, "I remember how my heart fluttered when I first met the character of Dam. I felt that I wanted the viewers to feel this heart-fluttering feeling as well." Hyeri revealed that the filming was so fun that she's said that it ended. She added, "I was so happy being able to be with such good people."

Image Source: The Qoo

Talking about the drama, we cannot leave her amazing chemistry with Jang Kiyong behind. A lot of people have adored the on-screen couple. The two's chemistry has also made some viewers worry(?) about Hyeri's relationship in real life with actor Ryu Junyeol. Regarding this, Hyeri assured, "He monitored every episode from start to finish so I'm so thankful to him."

Image Source: The Qoo

Before the interview ends, Hyeri also mentioned her past popular character Deoksun from 'Reply 1988.' She explained, "It's been more than six years since 'Reply 1988' ended but there are still people who are talking about the show and still show their love for Deoksun. I think that's because it was such a good drama that was memorable. Every time I did new projects, Deoksun's image followed me but I think this is the first work that people saw me as the character of Dam."

Are you sad that 'My Roommate is a Gumiho' has come to an end, people?

Thumbnail Credit: tvN, The Qoo

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