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'Running Man' Members Hilariously Tease Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo for Allegedly Having a Romantic Relationship

  • 17 Aug

The members suspected the two of secretly dating. 

During the opening on the August 15th episode of SBS' 'Running Man,' the members had a small talk as an ice-breaking before starting the show. Main MC Yoo Jaesuk brought up Kim Jongkook's Youtube content that features Song Jihyo at his house. He asked, "Jihyo visited your house and there were only you two..." Before Yoo Jaesul could continue his words, Kim Jongkook quickly explained, "She came for work."

Image Source: SBS

Haha chimed in, "We asked you because we are confused." Hearing him, Kim Jongkook exploded in anger and asked him back, "You also promised me to appear on my Youtube, right? Everyone here has promised to do Youtube together." 

Image Source: SBS

When Jeon Somin said that Kim Jongkook had got his ears red, he attacked her, "Be quiet!"

Image Source: SBS

Yoo Jaesuk went on, "Song Jihyo looks so comfortable in your house." To this, Kim Jongkook once again exploded and asked Somin, "At that time, when you came with others to my house, did you feel comfortable or not?"

Image Source: SBS

The climax was when Yang Sechan asked Kim Jongkook, "After you two finished the filming, did Song Jihyo go home directly or did she sleep in your house?"

Image Source: SBS

Kim Jongkook cursed at Yang Sechan and was about to scold him. Song Jihyo joined and cursed at Yang Sechan, too, causing laughter at the set.

Thumbnail Credit: Creative Group ING, SBS

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