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Super Junior's Ryeowook Claps back at Malicious Comment That Tells Him to Lose Some Weight and Leave the Group

  • 13 Sep

Ryeowook fired back at the hater.

Back on September 11th, Super Junior member Ryeowook was spotted clapping back at a malicious comment from one "fan" on his Youtube channel. The commenter, who named Haiqi Qin, wrote, "Ryeowook.. Please go diet, can't you control your body just because you're in a relationship now? Then why do you still make money from fans.. Just leave the group and open a cafe or something with your girlfriend. As a 10-year-long fan, I pity you."

Image Source: Youtube '려욱이의 아지트'

To this, Ryeowook wrote back, "It seems like you pity me. Well, I pity you. You liked me for 10 years. It's scary. I wonder if, during those 10 years, the person you really loved was not me, but yourself and the act of being someone's devoted fan. I truly hope you will be able to look at yourself as who you really are. Also, I didn't make the money that I made because of you, I made money by working hard in my own place. The time that I spent on this career is filled with effort that you can't even imagine, and it is my own path. Don't speak carelessly. Don't live while hurting others. That energy that you are spending is going to waste. Don't love anyone else either. Just live by yourself alone. So you won't be able to hurt anyone else."

Meanwhile, back in 2020, Ryeowook confirmed his relationship with Ari, a former member of the girl group Tahiti. Back then, Label SJ announced, "They are in a romantic relationship after they were first close as senior and junior artists."

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Thumbnail Credit: Label SJ

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